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Air filters are very important in vehicles as they filter out bugs, particles, and other contaminants out of the air that is used by the engine. Using a performance air filter like K & N provides superior filtering and performance for your vehicle. At Key 2 Auto, we offer High-Flow performance air filters for all types of vehicles and models.

K & N Filters are washable, reusable and have the patented High-Flow Air Filters that are designed to increase horsepower and protect your engine at the same time. These filters feature a layered, oiled cotton filtration system that’s engineered to allow up to 50% more airflow to your engine than traditional filters, while capturing contaminants from the air before they reach your engine.

For over 50 years, K & N filters have been trusted by millions of drivers. Get your K & N filter at Key 2 Auto in Victoria. We sell and source parts for virtually any make and model of vehicle.


Washable, Reusable, and Designed to Last

K & N Filters are designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle. They are washable and reusable unlike traditional disposable filters. They use multiple layers of proprietary cotton gauze media, which is coated with a special oil that grabs dirt while allowing up to 50% more air flow than a disposable filter.

Increased Horsepower

The exclusive design of K & N filters provide larger surface areas for enhanced airflow and dust capacity which helps protect the engine from harmful submicron particles. These filters have all been tested in an ISO 5011 laboratory to ensure superior filtration, protection and performance. K & N air filters are easy to install and will easily fit into the factory air box. You can be confident you’re getting the best when going with K & N filters.

What Makes K & N Filters the Best Air Filter?

  1. Custom Cotton Filter Media – 4 or 6 layers of pleated cotton media filters, specifically designed to capture a large surface area, act as a block against contaminants entering the engine
  2. Durable Urethane Frame – Liquid urethane is custom-poured and cured for a guaranteed fit and designed to last for a million miles of usage
  3. Epoxy-Coated Screen Mesh – Pleated mesh provides structural durability and protect both sides of the cotton filter media
  4. Red 201 Filter Oil – The secret sauce: the original K & N red filter oil is what separates K & N from the competition; this tacky oil helps traps and holds dirt and other contaminants, keeping them in the filter and out of your engine.

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Key 2 Auto carries a selection of high-flow air filters for:

  • Cars and Trucks
  • Universal
  • Powersports
  • Marine
  • Industrial and Small Engine
  • Heavy-Duty
  • and more…

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